New Exhibition in the Archive

Why not come along to an exhibition called Acquisition and Loss by Lorna Jewitt in and about the Archive, one of our very talented and dedicated volunteers.  The exhibition is inspired and evolved around the Sunny Bank Mills Archive collection and fascinating interpretation.

My View on Things

  Extracts by June Pearce a Mender and Burler at Sunny Bank Mills (between 1949-1959) The Mill The Facelift was a major undertaking, she was old but the need to stay beautiful is something we all can connect with. Yes, she was careworn after years of neglect, but when she was young life hadn’t been… Read more »

Savile Row

Beau Brummell or George “Beau” Brummell as he was known was a Regency dandy and fashion leader. Famous for his elegant dress, his witty remarks and his friendship with George, Prince of Wales, the future George IV.  He is said to have revolutionised the way men dress in the 19th century.  Ever since his fashion influence Savile… Read more »


Herringbone is a V-shaped zig zag pattern that is usually made from tweed/twill fabric. The herringbone pattern dates back to the Roman Empire, where it was used in road paving systems, and in the textiles and jewellery of ancient Egyptian elite. Its name quite literally derives from the bones of a herring fish, which it… Read more »




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