Set up week!

Our volunteer work placement, Judith, writes about set up week in the gallery!

Last week was the quiet, this week definitely is the storm.

The gallery is filled with people – some making decisions of where artworks should go, others arranging them, and others still rearranging all the items in the shop. There’s no doubt about it, the whirlwind leaves behind some fantastic results. Piece by piece, the exhibition is coming together. And doesn’t it look great.
That the works made by the 62 group are all of very high quality comes as no surprise, of course. But I hadn’t quite been prepared for the variation in expression among the pieces. It is utterly exciting and inspiring to see the range of possibilities within the textile medium.

Techniques, materials and the individual hand of the creator all play an essential role in the character of the textile created. To walk around a room in which this endless variety is highlighted causes a near ecstatic awareness of this fact. Some absolutely beautiful pieces are collected here.

Tomorrow, on Saturday 20 July, the exhibition will open. Of course I won’t miss it, but part of me wishes to stay at home and sort through the buzzing of ideas the exhibition-to-be has given me.

The whirlwind in the gallery will soon be calming down, but the one in my head has only just started. Who knows, perhaps this one too will lead to some nice results.

Image pictured by Hannah Lamb.

Read her earlier blog here.

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